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meeting the truth of the climate crisis.
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"An unexpectedly beautiful and life affirming film"

Jim Griffin. Journalist

"Important. Brilliantly done. Necessary. A crucial story at a crucial time."

Dr Christine Gibson, MD

"When viewed with an open heart, this film has the potential to change one's life" 

Deb Ozarko, Author 

Living in The Time of Dying is an unflinching look at what it means to be living in the midst of climate catastrophe and finding purpose and meaning within it.

Recognising the magnitude of the climate crisis we are facing, independent filmmaker Michael Shaw, sells his house to travel around the world looking for answers. Pretty soon we begin to see how deep the predicament goes along with the systems and ways of thinking that brought us here. 

It becomes clear that climate change is going to ruin our way of life but this then opens up a whole new set of questions: How did we get here? How do we choose to live and what actions make sense at this time? The people interviewed in the documentary, all highly regarded and well known spokespeople on the issue, argue it's too late to stop catastrophic climate change but in no way too late to regain a renewed life giving relationship with our world.



Stan Rushworth. Elder, teacher and author.

"I don’t know where things are going, I can’t predict that, but all the elders that I know of say that we have a sacred obligation towards how we are going to here at this moment”.

How to Watch

Living in the Time of Dying is currently showing in film festivals in Australia and Internationally. It will be available for viewing shortly. Please subscribe to our website to be informed of its release. 


Director and Producer of Living in the Time of Dying, Michael Shaw, interviews
various illuminating and inspiring voices in the climate issue. This interview series explores how to live and find meaning in these times. 
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