Full Length Interviews

Listen to the uncut interviews from Living in the Time of Dying

  • Dahr Jamail

    Dahr Jamail in his usual forthright manner explores the research and science behind his groundbreaking book, The End of Ice.  In this interview Dahr goes on to talk about grief, finding meaning and the importance of the indigenous perspective at this time.

    55 mins

  • Coming Soon
    Coming Soon

    Stan Rushworth

    In this interview Stan shares his life story and the indigenous perspective on the times we are facing.  He discusses how in order to move forward  we first have to examine past issues and how we got to the place we are in now.  


  • Coming Soon

    Jem Bendell

    Jem Bendell explores the importance of seeing the truth about climate change clearly.  Discussing the critical nature of community & government preparation.  




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