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A documentary about facing the truth about climate change

We live in a time where politicians, prioritising growth and profit, are in denial of the science of climate change. Consequently we are caught in a system that creates and increases the damage we are causing to the planet and all its life forms.  Living in the Time of Dying dives into an exploration of what it would mean to accept the science is true.

We explore how to find the inner resources to meet the changes in ways that keep us connected to the earth, to each other and to our sacred obligations.


Director and producer Michael Shaw goes on a journey to speak to those who have the courage to say what no one else is saying and who have found the strength to bring meaning to the conversation. Interviews with: Professor of Sustainability, Jem Bendell; Dharma teacher and author, Catherine Ingram; Award winning journalist and author, Dahr Jamail and Native American Elder, author and teacher Stan Rushworth. 

54 mins


Director & Producer: Michael Shaw.     

Editor & Creative Consultant: Tom Barnett.       

Assistant Producer: Michelle Walter.

Cinematographers: Tom Barnett, Steve Hammal, Gabe Van Lelyveld.     

Original Music:  Forrest James, Francis Martineau.


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This documentary and its message has been a passion project for me. It is entirely self funded and independently produced. I believe it is an important message that needs to continue to be explored in these times.
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Michael Shaw