Peter Melton & Deb Ozarko - Surrending Hope

Deb Ozarko well known author of Beyond Hope: Letting Go of The World in Collapse along with fellow soul activist and host, Peter Melton interviews Michael about the making of Living in the Time of Dying and the many issues the documentary raises.

Part 1: Creating the Documentary

In this discussion I talk about my version of "waking up" to face the reality of climate change and the actions that that created. I think this an experience many of us have had (or are having) who are talking about this issue in this way. I'm sure some will relate to the nervousness I felt about speaking openly about it and what it means to "come out" in this way.

Part 2: What Now? Living in the Time of Dying

Deb Ozako wrote a book about surrendering hope and, along with Peter, we explore what this means to each of us and the peace that can be found there. We talk about deep listening, purpose and of being a student of the catastrophic age we live in.

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