Undaunted. Living Fiercely into Climate meltdown in an authoritarian world.

The news is pretty grim reading in this day and this age. I think twice before I go to any news site now as I know what the impact can be on me. For those brave enough to keep reading the papers, we've watched the shootings continue, the EPA get further dismantled and see that the supreme court has now been taken over by the far right in the USA. All of this against a backdrop of financial collapse, war and massive uncertainty.

Shock waves like this will only continue to travel around the globe. Many of us, no matter how informed, are either living in it now or feeling the daunting sense of approaching collapse. How do we not simply get pulled into the fear or just throw our hands up in the air ?

In my latest interview I sit down with Caroline Baker to talk about her about her recently released book. I found her to be very to the point and potent. She addresses a number of pressing questions many of us are asking ourselves Why bother doing any inner work when we see collapse now so clearly? Why bother doing anything at all in fact? How can we meet what's coming with a sense of grace and service and how do we meet denial in others with a bit more generosity?

She also talks about the radical trust needed now to live well. As she describes her life, it's obvious she has the courage to live that way. For these, and other reasons besides, Carolyn is thought of by many as an Elder in this space. I hope you enjoy our conversation and if you do then please share it. The more that can hear what she has to say in these times the better.

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