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Bright Green Lies - Interview with Derrick Jensen

In his latest book "Bright Green Lies" he wrote with Max Wilbert and Keith Lierre, the brilliant Derrick Jensen dismantles the illusion of 'green' technology in breathtaking, comprehensive detail. He reveals a fantasy that must perish if there is to be any hope of preserving what remains of life on Earth. In this interview we speak to this as well as exploring his perspective on facing the grief inherent in his deep love of the natural world.

Radical Regeneration with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker is someone who is unafraid to look at the possibility of human extinction and what we as a global community are facing. She also is willing to look at the spiritual and emotional possibilities that this climate and biosphere crisis presents us with. In this interview with Carolyn we discuss approaching collapse as a rite of passage and accepting and working with the grief inherent in these times. Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos. This mission necessitates the development of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation. Through her multi-faceted outreach via webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, and articles, as well as one-on-one life coaching, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilisation and abrupt climate change. Interviewed by Michael Shaw, director and producer of Living in The Time of Dying. For more information visit our website

Rev. Michael Dowd on Greening Religion

Director / Producer of Living in the Time of Dying Michael Shaw interviews Rev. Michael Dowd about the place and the state of religion in this time of social and ecological collapse. Michael Dowd introduces a new framework of religion that is life centred rather than human centred. He outlines the need of our relationship to the earth to be to a "greater thou and not a lesser it" that we can exploit for our own gain. As someone who has produced over 75 interviews and 3 primers on the scale of the climate crises Michael Dowd brings his own unique perspective and expertise to this topic.

Timothea Goddard on Mindfulness Meets Collapse

Mindfulness is way more than just a way to "relax" or "feel better". Timothea Goddard shares with us her journey into her deep recognition of climate breakdown and societal collapse and talks us through some ways to meet the raw edge of this and our human experience across the board. Timothea Goddard heads an Australia wide Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction organisation called Open Ground as well as being a therapist for over 30 years. She was featured on ABC Catalyst in 2019.

Peter Melton & Deb Ozarko - Surrending Hope

Deb Ozarko well known author of Beyond Hope: Letting Go of The World in Collapse along with fellow soul activist and host, Peter Melton interviews Michael about the making of Living in the Time of Dying and the many issues the documentary raises. Part 1: Creating the Documentary In this discussion I talk about my version of "waking up" to face the reality of climate change and the actions that that created. I think this an experience many of us have had (or are having) who are talking about this issue in this way. I'm sure some will relate to the nervousness I felt about speaking openly about it and what it means to "come out" in this way. Part 2: What Now? Living in the Time of Dying Deb Ozako wrote a book about surrendering hope and, along with Peter, we explore what this means to each of us and the peace that can be found there. We talk about deep listening, purpose and of being a student of the catastrophic age we live in. #climatecrisis #LivingintheTimeofDying #climatechange #ClimateEmergency