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Jem Bendell
Extinction Rebellion Opening in London
Jem Bendell
Professor of Sustainability and author of "Deep Adaptation"
Jem Bendell and Michael Shaw
Michael attending Deep Adaptation Workshop in England.
2019 Fires
Dahr Jamail
Award winning journalist & author of "End of Ice"
Gail Bradbrook founder of Extinction Rebellion
Catherine Ingram and Michael Shaw
Northern Rivers, Australia
Melting Arctic
Annual Arctic Sea Ice Minimal Area
Michael Shaw with Michelle Walter
Northern NSW, Australia
Michael Shaw
Director and producer of "Living in the Time of Dying"
Michael Shaw
Northern New South Wales, Australia
Stan Rushworth
Elder, author, teacher & Citizen of Chiricahua Apache Nation
Stan Rushworth and Michael Shaw
Extinction Rebellion Protests
London 2019
Catherine Ingram
Dharma teacher and author of "Facing Extinction"
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“If you only make time for one thing watch this 54-minute documentary.

It’s the best of the best! 

Michael Dowd, Best selling eco-theologian, TEDx Speaker

Without a doubt, one of the most completely reality-oriented presentations to date. The commenters speak the truth of our time, sad to say. Let us all fare forward as fellow travelers while there is still time. Come what may.

Steven Salmony PhD, Psychologist

Important. Brilliantly done. Necessary. Thank you so much, Michael, for this crucial story at this crucial time. 

Peter Melton


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