Climate / Collapse Support Group
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As trained therapists, we know how important it is to create open, safe spaces to explore and express your thoughts and feelings. The value of meeting these times with an open steady heart has never been more important. With this in mind we've decided to host an ongoing, guided monthly conversation / support group. You can attend each month or as you feel. Numbers will be limited and taken on a first come basis.

  • 90 min Zoom Video Call 

  • Small groups and Breakout rooms

  • Share exercises, meditations and practices we have found helpful in exploring these issues.

Climate / Collapse Support Group May 2022
07 May, 10:00 am
Zoom Group
Being a part of a likeminded community where you can express and explore feelings and meaning making in these times has never been more important. This support group is an open, safe space to do just that.