Living in the Time of Dying

Facing the truth about climate change

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When the truth is hard to find and even harder to look at...

We live in a time where politicians prioritising growth and profit are in denial of the science of climate change. Living in the Time of Dying dives into an exploration of what it would mean to accept the science is true....


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Jem Bendell
Professor of Sustainability and author of "Deep Adaptation"
Dahr Jamail
Award winning Journalist and author of End of Ice
Catherine Ingram
Dharma teacher and author of "Facing Extinction"
Stan Rushworth
Elder, teacher, author and Citizen of the Chiruhua Apache Nation
Environment Activists Protest

"There's difficulty ahead. Millions of people are suffering right now. It's worse than we were told... We must do all we can to help each other through this"

—  Jem Bendell, Professor of Sustainability


This is the Climate Crisis  |  Podcast Series

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This is the Climate Crisis is a podcast by Michael Shaw and Michelle Walter. We interview scientists, psychologists, doctors, authors, activists and spiritual teachers to make sense of the current environmental crisis. 


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