The Story Behind Living in the Time of Dying

This documentary comes from my recognition of  the stark reality of the climate crisis we are facing, and what it would mean to me in my lifetime, or what’s left of it. When I first began to see it clearly I felt a sense of shock and fear, as well as a profound sense of  sadness. I was unable to pretend I didn’t see what I did and felt internally undone for a considerable amount of time. Eventually I felt a powerful call to action  from that place. Living in the Time of Dying was what arose in me to do. I had no ready funds, no experience in the field and I was aware that a message like this may well also be unpopular. Despite those odds, I sold my house and began the journey to make this documentary. 

A year ago I began interviewing some key people who were publicly talking about the issue directly and honestly. Starting with Catherine Ingram, dharma teacher and author of online extended essay, "Facing Extinction". She was the first person to open my eyes to the truth of the situation and my understanding was steeped in many long hours of conversation between us.  From there I travelled to Seattle in the United States to interview award winning journalist and author of End of Ice, Dhar Jamail. His book still sits beside my bed. While in Amercia I was fortunate to meet and interview indigenous  Elder, author and enrolled citizen of The Chiricahua Apache Nation Stan Rushworth.  He opened my eyes to a totally different perspective on the climate crisis highlighting our sacred relationship with the earth. I also interviewed Jem Bendell, his paper, "Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy" had impacted me along with millions of others. I travelled to the United Kingdom to speak with him and participate in his workshop.


I wanted to speak to them all in person, as, if I accepted the truth of what they were all saying, I wanted to see how they were living their lives in face of it. 

Living in the Time of Dying is my offering. A journey seeking to both face up to the global changes we are collectively facing, as well an exploration of how to meet this time with a ready , willing heart.


I wish you well on your own journeys into these challenging times and I hope the documentary serves you in some way. 

Michael Shaw

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Creating Real Conversations about Climate Change

Earth Realities was set up by Michael Shaw to create audio visual content that addresses climate issues. Together with Michelle Walter, they have created a podcast series, This is the Climate Crisis which aired on Community Radio Station BayFM, Byron Bay, Australia for 6 months. Over the past year Michael has produced the documentary, Living in the Time of Dying and is currently working on the full length interview series.


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