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 I am a firm believer in the necessity  of meeting in communities to be with the many faces of grief in these times. Yet, as a trained  trauma therapist, I also have a real understanding of the value and importance  of working one on one.

Some may need the space to feel into what it is they  want to give at this time. We all have our own unique gifts to offer,  and landing in a sense of purpose as we move forward  is so important. Others may need to give themselves the time and space  to  untangle old wounds and create a more resilient nervous system. In this way  we can recover our vitality, even in the midst of all we are seeing, and  become more available to life and  others.  Being able to respond with even a little more strength and kindness in times of heightened threat is a gift to all those we have contact with. 

So, it isn't necessary that someone seeing me in this way has to work  only with  climate issues.  I understand there's many griefs and wounds  to work through. There is though a shared understanding of the reality of the global backdrop we are living in and  that mutual recognition can be its own medicine regardless of the topic. 

My costs are on a sliding scale according to income. If you are so called, please email me in the link below and we can set up a session. 

Michael Shaw
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